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Zeus God of Thunder

    Zeus God of Thunder is an exciting machine game developed by WMS with a mythological theme. This interesting slot machine has a creative design with a dark sky with clouds moving in the background and occasional lightning. There are 5 rolls here each with 4 rows of symbols, while 3 wheels are constantly turning above the regular rollers offering an intriguing visual effect and potentially more ways to win. This game offers 30 payment lines and a number of game bonuses that offer additional means to increase your awards. The game is presented in USA’s best online casinos.

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    Techniques for playing Zeus God of Thunder

    Before you start running Zeus God of Thunder’s rolls, you must choose your bet. You can click on the less red and more green buttons to choose an online launch from 0.01 to a maximum of 1.00. The amount you bet will automatically change the potential real money prices available on the 5 -level jackpot and you can see the amounts increase as your line is increasing. The maximum bet in this game is 50,00, While there is also a special additional bet that you can place if you feel lucky and this increases your maximum of 75.00 per turn.

    Symbols in the slot machine

    The symbols of this slot machine are all based on mythology with Zeus appearing on the rolls with lightning behind him, a white eagle, a majestic lion, a red lightning, a royal crown and a gold vase. You will also find symbols of high cards to attribute the lowest gains. There is a wild symbol of ancient building and a stormy sky background symbol which can also attribute other characteristics.

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    The best symbol of the game in terms of earnings is Zeus, which attributes to 250 pieces for 5 symbols correspondents. The eagle and the lion attribute to 100 pieces, While lightning, crown and vase all attribute to 75 pieces. High cards can all assign until 50 pieces. The old wild building appears on the middle rolls and can replace other symbols to create more possible combinations.

    The background acts the wheels

    The background symbols appear at random, But if you manage to find 3, 4 or 5 of these icons on adjacent rolls of the same row, You will receive a special wheel of the wheel above this roll. This could assign 1 round of the Wild Zeus Spin bonus, which means you can win until 12 additional jokers and up to 12 laps Additional in normal bet or up to 100 additional turns if you play the option ” additional bet » !

    Other rewards you can expect from the wheel include free towers, the number of which will be displayed in the area, while you could also gain the value displayed on the jackpot counter. If you reach the background symbols on the 5th coil, you will have the chance to win the ” grand »Jackpot, who is the biggest jackpot in the game, Offering up to 100,000 if you play the maximum bet!

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    Conclusion sur Zeus God of Thunder

    Zeus God of Thunder de Light & Wonder is a choice of slot machines ideal for those who love the world of Greek mythology with the powerful gods and goddesses. The atmosphere here is dramatic with thunder and lightning in the sky and symbols well designed to correspond to the theme. The additional bet opportunity gives you the opportunity to raise the bar in terms of possible rewards by increasing your bet. The most interesting part of the game is perhaps the special wheel function which offers 3 wheels to trigger more bonus features. All additional jokers and free towers available offer a good chance of winning while jackpots give players the chance to earn a sum that will change their lives.