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Winter Wonderland slot machines

    There are many online games aimed at a niche market, a small number of selected but loyal people who have an unspeakable love for the theme they approach, and usually we would be inclined to say that Winter Wonderland, a 25 -line title, is one of them. You can play this game at Casino in Ligne USA. This 5 -roll slot machine is as festive as a Christmas can be with a capital C. However, because it was so well built and assembled, with a set of breathtaking 3D graphics which are about as immersive as they are, this game is a wonder, regardless of the period of the year or if if You like Christmas or not.

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    The name is a little revealing, but the scene of this slot machine Winter Wonderland is a snowy opening with bare trees and sparkling fairy lights, with a jovial Santa Claus waiting for you to start the game. Then, wrapped in an ice gift surmounted by a knot, is the matrix In which all your noëls can arrive in advance: the 3 × 5 grid which is filled with all the images of the imaginable festive season.

    Each of them is linked to the theme in one way or another and, better still, they come alive as soon as a combination is made, which, in our view, strengthens the effect of the title. It is not only a slight flash and then an explosion, but sleds that crush on you by projecting pieces of snow.

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    Since everything is like Christmas in this electronic bubble, it goes without saying that the Tile of Santa Claus is the most rewarding, with 2,000 credits When five of them (we didn’t know there were as many?!) Appears on your payment lines. As exciting as it is, we are sure that you will want to know more about the two bonus laps that you can unlock.

    Let’s first see that of Rudolph. Two reindeer or more on the first or the fifth roll and you will be at the head of the sleigh, behind the reins, rushing in the snow. Players must take as many gifts as they can during this trip to the snow, because the more they collect, the higher the final amount.

    Regarding the second turn of bonus, Who is illustrated by a gloved hand holding a snowball, it’s about having a little fun. There are snowmen and all you have to do is launch them snowballs … The problem is that you only have three opportunities to do it, so you would do better ‘Hopefully all these moments spent playing this game in your childhood have borne fruit.

    But wait, there is more, this time in the form of a symbol scatter. As it is common with these icons in several games, free towers are credited to you, in this case 5. However, these beauties also add a multiplier to these towers, which makes them much more rewarding.

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    With a putting minimum of only 0.01, This slot machine Gameplay Interactive has everything to please and goes beyond what we hoped before playing it. An average to high variance, amazing graphics, two lots of mini levels and a series of free towers, without forgetting a multiplier to make a good measure. Yes, you could say that the Christmas theme limits the game in a certain way, but we have been captivated despite our cynicism, and we are sure that you can experience it too.