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Super Seven Slot Test Report

    Since antiquity, the figure seven has been considered a happy, wise, divine and even magical number. The figure seven surrounds us everywhere: seven days of the week, seven dominant planets, seven chakras, seven notes of music. The magic of this number has entered fairy tales: something precious certainly hides behind the seven doors and the seven locks. “The sign of an angel” was called by our ancestors and believed that he brought luck, wealth and love. Is it really? B3W Group offers to test it in the new game – the “Super Seven”. Almost all the Casino USA in Ligne to you give you the opportunity to try this popular slot machine

    Play the demo

    How Play Now the Super Seven Slot Machine

    The Super seven slot machine is played on three rolls, three rows and five payment lines, as you can expect from a classic slot machine. This means that you can only win three symbols in a winning combination from left to right on one of the payment lines.

    Play Now the game, you start by selecting your bet level. Bets are in credits, and you can choose Between 10 and 500 credits Play Now the slot machine. This makes it ideal for most players at low budget and not for big players. Your earnings are multiplied by line launch, which is included Between 2 and 100 credits. Your total launch is the launching of the payment lines.

    # Inscription en Super Seven

    You can bet the highest level with the Max Bet option and run the rollers automatically by clicking on Autostart. This makes gameplay easier and right to goal.

    Symbols and payments

    You can expect to see classic symbols when you turn the rolls on the slot machine Super Sevens. The game has no special symbol because the bonus are triggered in a different way. But, the standard symbols will give you impressive gains when you drop three symbols on the rolls.

    The most remunerative symbol is the Super Seven symbol that will give you 750x your Loche to land three on one of the payment lines. Then the 7 symbols unique will bring you 200x your Line to have touched three. The symbol of oranges you will offer 60 times Your line set up to obtain three symbols on the rollers.

    Then the bell and the plum symbols will give you the same gains of 40x Your line for hitting a Brelan. You get the same payments if you get three types of grapes and bar symbols. Finally, the cherry symbol will give you the reward for 5x Your line launch for having won three symbols.

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    Best Bonus Super Sevens features

    You can earn more than standard payments with Super Sevens bonuses. The game does not offer the usual bonuses like the jokers or a free super sevens tricks. Instead, there are betting and risk games, and a Jackpot wheel bonus.

    The slot machine offers a set of bet card that is triggered at the end of each winning tower. It gives you the opportunity to double your earnings by guessing the card. If the card you choose is greater than the dealer’s card, you get double your earnings. But if not, you lose all your earnings.

    # Lots of emotions in a slot machine

    If you don’t want Play Now the card game, you can opt for the red/black chance game. You can double or quadruple your earnings with the game of chance. If you can properly guess the color of the card, you get double your earnings. Then when you guess the color correctly, you quad your earnings. You can play the game of chance up to five times before it ends.

    Finally, the Jackpot Wheel of Fortune bonus is triggered when you fill the jackpot meter on the screen. In fact, when you manage to fill the counter, you will receive a jackpot wheel to run. Then when you run it, the reward on which it landed will be given to you. There are different jackpots and cash prices on the wheel.