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Examination of Mechanical Orange slot machines

    Mechanical Orange is available Play Now here for free in demo mode, as well as other popular bgaming machines. We always advise players to familiarize themselves with a game with a demonstration game before deciding Play Now on a Reel silver casino online.

    Play the demo


    Mechanical Orange de Bgaming has a structure of 3 × 3 rollers, And the goal is to land three corresponding symbols on the fixed central payment line. There are nine symbols on the rolls, all the image icons corresponding to the Steampunk theme the classic Lucky Red 7, which is the most remunerative symbol on the rolls. It is essentially a slot machine Classic and the gameplay is very simple, so there are no special function symbols. Players can simply take advantage of the theme and try to get gains on this central payment line.

    Mechanical Orange RTP and volatility

    Mechanical Orange has an RTP (return to the player) of 96%. At the time of writing, no information on volatility is available.

    # Inscription au Mechanical Orange

    How Play Now Mechanical Orange

    Here are some steps to start with Mechanical Orange:

    1. Players can click on button I in the lower left corner to open the contextual information on the game. From this window, players can see the winning table, which appears immediately, or click On rules to display the rules of the Mechanical Orange game.

    2. Press the speaker icon in the lower left corner to activate or deactivate the sound.

    3. Players can click on the toothed wheel symbol in the lower left corner to access the game settings. Players can adjust the audio volume and activate or deactivate music and/or sound effects. Players can also adjust the space bar to turn.

    4. The game has a spin auto function that allows rollers to turn automatically to facilitate the game. This can be activated by clicking on automatic rotation settings. Players can select the number of laps and define stop limits.

    5. Players can define the amount of their bet by pressing the buttons – and +.

    8. Once the preferences have been defined, all you have to do is click on the spin green icon to start the rollers and take advantage of the slot machine.

    # Mechanical Orange gain the slot machine

    Mechanical Orange bonus features

    This game has a conventional slot machine configuration, and the goal is to align corresponding symbols on the payment line only – There are no laps or features bonus special.

    Our opinion

    Bgaming Make a great game in Mechanical Orange: it looks superb and the gameplay is pleasant. The theme is striking and is sure to be popular. The steampunk theme combined with the fruits of classic slot machines is a good turn, and it works well. It is a classic 3 -roll slot machine and the gameplay is very simple. The positive side is that it suits all players and that there are no complicated rules to master, but the negative aspect is that this machine with lack of bonus features. Mechanical Orange does not contain any bonus tour – just the basic game – so players who like free towers or playing towers can be disappointed with this. However, players who like simple games will certainly appreciate this inventive version of the retro classic slot machine.