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Des Magic Portals exam

    If witches and sorcerers are something you love, then the Magic Portals machine from Nettent is definitely made for you. It simply does not just become more magical in the world of slot machines; And the imagination that has entered the creation of this game is really impressive. Today, we will check the symbols, the characteristics, the game scheme and see which online casinos will allow you Play Now this slot machine now and will offer you a juicy casino bonuses when you drop and play magic gate in a Online casino.

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    Characteristics of the Magic Portals slot machine

    The slot machine Magic Portals video is defined on 5 rolls, 3 rows with 25 lines fixed payment. This configuration is rather typical, but otherwise the game seems very unusual with all wizards, witches, wolves, dragons and other symbols related to witchcraft.

    The witch and the sorcerer are the most remunerative symbols, while different magic balls – the look, the plasma and the crystal – are the cheapest. There are also the symbols of magic companions including the wolf, the owl and the dragon that help you create better winning combos.

    # Inscription au Magic Portals

    The game has three special features that add to magic if the slot machine – these are the magic Wilds, the Magic Portals function and the turn of bonus Free Spin.

    There are no joker symbols as such, but all symbols can turn into Jokers if 2 symbols correspondents find themselves on the row of the middle of the first and fifth rolls, called Magic Portal locations. If this happens, the 2 symbols and all the other corresponding symbols will transform into jokers during the basic game and the free towers mode. All of this is done so that you get a lot of Wilds and therefore considerably increase your gain.

    Free towers on Magic Portals slot machines

    If you are lucky enough to win 2 special free spins symbols on Magic Portal cells, free towers mode will be activated and you will receive 10 free laps. Throughout the duration of the free laps, the 5th roll is fully covered with magic portals and if 2 other free towers symbols appear, you can easily redecule the function. Unfortunately, there are no multipliers who accompany free towers, but the functionality is always quite lucrative due to the largest number of magic portals placed here.

    # Appearance of the Magic Portals game

    Magic Portals machine bonus

    Best slot machines NetEnt are offered in the coolest and most generous online casinos in USA, so you will have no problem finding a good place to give it a good trick. But why look around?

    Here, on, we collect the best welcome offers from Casino, so by clicking on the links below, you can get a major casino bonus until 1 500 $ and many free towers – more than 400 In fact during the first deposit. Click below and take advantage of it!

    Paris min/max of slot machines, jackpot and volatility

    When you decide Play Now the Magic Portals game, you will have an incredible range of Paris – this game offers a minimum bet 25p and a pair of maximum of 250 $. The slot machine has a high yield for the player 96 % and a non -progressive jackpot of 64,000 pieces.

    # The winning combination

    Our conclusion

    We really like this game, first of all, because it is so pretty and these special visual effects of lightning are absolutely incredible. Some players think that this game is rather addictive, and we understand why. Try it to see for yourself.

    The only thing that is not great is the fact that freeing free towers is not as easy as we want, but when it will happen, you will probably be lucky.