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Lucky Sweets slot machine

    Lucky Sweets by Bgaming is a video slot machine that offers players the opportunity to explore the Parisian streets and take a bite of appetizing sweets that have made the city renowned. Expect a lot of sugar and frosting in this game! So, if you are ready for a trip to the world capital of dessert, read our full review of Lucky Sweets. Whether it’s a New online casino Or a well -known brand, you can find this video slot machine in almost all casinos.

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    A few words on the design

    Lucky Sweets takes place outdoors in Paris, on the banks of the Seine and overlooking the very recognizable urban landscape. The background of the game shows some of the city’s many bridges and its famous Haussmannian style buildings. It’s dawn and the sky colors bright rose as the city wakes up. The rolls themselves are installed in a confectionery in the middle of the screen. The developers have taken a lot of attention to detail to make sure Lucky Sweets offers a coherent and immersive experience Play Nowers. You will have the impression of having been transported to Paris from the start of your game.

    # Inscription au Lucky Sweets

    Lucky Sweets is devoid of all background music and offers only a few simple sound effects triggered by the rotation of rolls and winning combinations. Nevertheless, the game offers a beautiful atmosphere in which playing and most players will fully appreciate the view.

    Rules for playing the Sweets slot machine

    Now take a look at the rules of the game, to make sure you manage to mark the best cakes and sweets that the game has to offer.

    Lucky Sweets offers a simple and minimalist gameplay, which does not mean that it is not fun Play Now, but a little restricted your freedom of action. You will have five rolls and a maximum of five payment lines on which to bet. The game gives you the opportunity to choose the amount of your Line Bet (from 0.10 to 1 room only) and the number of payment lines you want to activate; Just use them (+) et (-) Appropriately located at the bottom of the game screen to modify your settings. You can also use the colored side tabs that flank the rolls to adjust the number of active payment lines, or make the carpet with the switch Bet Max. Once you are ready, press the spin button and hope for many victories! The winning combinations of symbols appearing on an activated payment line trigger a corresponding cash price, paying from left to right.

    # Appearance of the game

    Another function that you can use is the Autospin function, which allows you to select a number of uninterrupted automatic towers on which to bet with a constant bet. This is the perfect option for players who prefer to keep a constant bet and let the game turn. However, this feature will deactivate the optional Gamble option. This mini-game takes you on a separate screen Play Now against the computer: guess the color of a hidden card correctly to double your earnings, and guess its color to quadruple them! Repeat as long as you dare, but keep in mind that a single error will take away all your new parts.

    # You can also play this game on Gioo Casino

    Our opinion on the Sweets slot machine

    Lucky Sweets presents most of the classic elements that make a game of slot machine A success with players: high awards, an immersive universe, an additional Gamble option.

    That being said, the game lacks special symbols such as Wilds and Scatters, which have now become emblematic characteristics of most modern video slot machines. Thus, despite his pleasant and delicious universe, Lucky Sweets could have a slightly bitter taste for some players who are looking for the latest features of their games.