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Lobstermania 2 slot machine

    Lobstermania 2 is the continuation of the very popular Lobstermania sub -mail machine which was initially published by IGT. Lobstermania is one of these slot machines that only attracts. If you’ve already watched Spongebob square pants, you can’t help but think of Mr. Krabs when you play this slot machine. It is an idea of a very eccentric slot machine that IIGT has executed with a lot of reflection and precision. The full title of the slot machine is Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2 is a good bite. Most often, Online casino games are not immediately memorized, but not in the case of this slot machine. You will certainly come back to this game again and again.

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    Some details on the game Lobstermania 2

    The LobsterMania 2 game is a 5 rolls played on 40 payment lines. It is important to note that this game is a decent Play Now. It has a beautiful aesthetic and it is a pleasant game experience. There are unexpected rock music sounds. This is of course not a surprise if you have already played his predecessor. This game just has a lot to offer. It has about three bonus features, five if we are particularly specific. He combines Voyage and Ocean, which is not so far away since these two concepts often go hand in hand.

    Lobstermania 2 – Bonus and payments towers

    A game that has a progressive jackpot is one of the many slots the players love it. It’s just a pleasant feeling when you play a game that could potentially change your life. Lobstermania is one of these Jeux. It has a sufficient progressive jackpot to allow you to continue playing just to search for it. The jackpot symbol will cover a symbol on the rolls during the basic game. If you manage to land three or more of these symbols on rollers that follow you win the jackpot multiplier. The jackpot multipliers that you win will depend on how many jackpot symbols that you have managed to score.

    # Register and play

    Three jackpot symbols will bring you a multiplier 2500x From your earnings, it is known as Light Jackpot. If you manage to mark four jackpot symbols, then a multiplier 10000x Is you, that’s what is called a complete jackpot. The big one arrives when you mark five jackpot symbols on the rolls. Here you will win a multiplier 50000x, this is rightly called the Jackpot Mother Lode.

    Payment multipliers

    When you play, keep an eye on the 5x icon multiplier. This will appear on the boat, the lighthouse, the house and the buoy symbols. The multiplier icon 3x is also available on the boat and the lighthouse. These multipliers are applied to your line earnings for this tour.

    Picking bonus

    Lobstermania 2 has an abundance of features bonus To help you multiply and triple your earnings. In this feature, you will have to win three lobster or more bonus symbols. These will give you access either the Lucky Larry Buoy Bonus 2 or the Lucky Larry’s Free Spin Bonus.

    Bouée Bonus 2

    This feature is ideal for those who love fishing. You will be given the opportunity to choose your fishing places. The range of destinations includes Brazil, Australia or Maine. Once your location is defined, you must choose between two, three or four choices of buoys. Everyone is worth it either 10x to 757x in the value of parts.

    # Lobstermania 2 winning combination

    Additional game features

    Mobile compatibility

    This game is available on Mobile and pc. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


    You will be rewarded with five free towers that can be plumped up. The total number of free towers available is 240 tours.

    Lobstermania 2 Summary

    Lobstermania is one of those games that have a lot to offer. IGT has managed easy for you to make impressive earnings with this game. It has an incredible light interface and full of colors, it also improves gameplay