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Keno Bonus Slot Machines

    Keno Bonus is offered to you by Isoftbet and is a great and simple game you can play on your desktop computer, mobile and tablet can be found in USA online casinos and elsewhere. He attracted a faithful audience because it is such a simple game Play Now. You play by choosing your numbers and if they go out, a price belongs to you. There are still obstacles to find in this easy -to -play game, which makes it attractive for experienced players and accessible to less experienced players.

    Play the demo

    What is the difference ?

    What makes it different from the original version of the casino is that it has a jackpot that gradually increases. And there are other ways to find yourself in the special Tour, where you have the opportunity to earn larger awards. iSoftbet, which brings Keno Bonus on our screens, is well known for its slot machine games, but in fact, it also develops many other genres of games. Keno Bonus is one of those games that is simple but has some additions to entertain you thoroughly.

    How Play Now Keno Bonus

    To a large extent, Keno Bonus works like the normal versions of Keno. You have a number of numbers ranging from 1 to 80. You must then choose spots, and you can choose between 2 et 10. Otherwise, you can have a number and a choice of spots chosen at random, choosing the automatic selection option. . The prices vary depending on the size of your bet and you can bet 1 $ à 5 $ for an time.

    # Inscription au Keno Bonus

    When you start to select your places, a table of earnings will appear and display the rewards according to the number of games you make and the number of places you have chosen. The prices are indicated in the form of units. So, for example, if you opt for two places and place a bet and correspond to 2, the table of winnings will display a price of 7-1, which means that your payment is 7 units, keeping in mind that you lose your initial bet. So winning 7 means that you actually gain six units in total.

    Payments vary depending on the number of games and the number of places you choose. The more spots you choose, the more matches you need to win anything. Prices can be significant. For example, if you had to choose ten spots and reach them all, you can win 10 000 $, which is a really serious price. Each time you press the Go button after choosing your spots, the numbers are fired, With 20 numbers drawn.

    The Note screen when your selection corresponds to the numbers drawn. If your choices correspond to the draw and you have won a price, it will be saved on the screen and you can continue Play Now and choose your next series of spots. This is a simple but engaging game with serious prices to be won. The best is that you can play slot machines Free in the comfort of your sofa or bed!