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Examination of the hyper strike hyperspins slot machine

    Play the Hyper Strike hyperspins machine online and take advantage of the best features. Turn the rolls for more likely to win or run the bonus wheel Play Now free tricks with multipliers. Try this slot machine for free. Play Hyper Strike Hyperspins for real money in The best online casinos And win up to 120,000 pieces each turn.

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    Run five rollers

    The slot machine Hyper Strike HyperSpins is a retro themed slot machine of Microgaming. Hit well paid combos by filling five rolls with the SCATER HYPER STRIKE symbols and the Wilds. Pick up the free towers symbols to trigger a bonus wheel. Play the hyperspins machine game on computer, ios ou Android.

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    Win 120,000 Pieces at Hyper Strike

    Play the slot machine and win prices by aligning three to five identical symbols. The savage is the most remunerative symbol, with a five-in-one paying until 7,500 coins. The jokers also replace the symbols of the basic game to create more winning combos. Run the rolls using the hyperspin function after each round for another chance of winning.

    Hit free towers symbols on the rollers two, three or four, and you will gain 1x your total bet. You will also receive a tower bonus, giving you the chance to win until 30 free laps with a multiplier 3

    Pick up three to nine symbols and discover the price you have won in the Table of Hyper Strike earnings to the left of the rollers. Play the online slot machine in the best online casinos and win 120,000 pieces on each turn.

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    Our opinion on the slot machine

    Now that you have read our Hyper Strike Hyperspins review, hit now to win big prices in our recommended online casinos. Hyperspins to create more winning combos. Turn the wheel of the bonuses to win 30 free laps with 3x multipliers. Hit nine hyper strike symbols during a turn and you will accumulate up to 120,000 pieces.