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Examination of the Fruit Party machine machine

    Take advantage of a busy fiesta with the Pragmatic Play Fruit Party slot machine. You will get a perfectly mixed smoothie from cascade rollers and paid grouped action for this game. In addition, there is a good gain potential thanks to a multiplier function and a free tower bonus lap. Play the Fruit Party slot machine in a Casino in Ligne USA And you will get a 7 × 7 grid of tropical pleasure in bright colors. You will have to pay attention to the fluidity of the game on these juicy rolls. But there is a jackpot of 5,000 times your bet for those who like risky games.

    Play the demo

    Profits on the rollers 7 × 7

    Play the slot machine Fruit Party Online and you will find a game of grid rollers 7×7 rfilled with fruit, stars and hearts. You can win by winning a group of 5 symbols or more vertically or horizontally. So, while the fruits burst on the whole screen, you can enjoy the animation as well as prices.

    It is a game mechanism made popular by the enthusiasm for Candy Crush. Most developers have one or two slot machines that check this box, including Sweet Bonanza Pragmatic Play.

    # Inscription au Fruit Party

    The team has opted for a retro atmosphere on the design of the game of fruit party slot. The symbols have a feeling of the 80s, tinged with bright colors in neon. The fun background of the countryside has a luminescent glow from green fields in the shape of a gum ball.

    To complete the theme, a tropical celebration soundtrack with a catchy rhythm of steel drum. The whole effect is generally attractive, but it seems generic and does not correspond to the reference established by other developers.

    Choose the fruit from 0.20 per turn

    In the absence of payment lines in the fruit party machine, bets are based on a fixed multiplier of 20x. There are a range of parts of 0.01 to 0.50 and you can place 1 to 10 rooms. The bets then go to 0.20 to 100.00

    These issues are likely to attract a wide range of players, but remember that the gameplay here is volatile. Our online Fruit Party online slot machine has experienced long periods of inactivity and found that the turn of bonus can be difficult to trigger. In his favor, there is a good RTP note of 96,50%, with jackpot gains from 5000x your bet.

    # Inscription au Fruit Party

    Our opinion on Fruit Party

    The Fruit Party machine is not as daring and adventurous as certain examples of the theme. It is however an ideal game for the first adventures in high volatility. It’s an excellent game for fans of classic slot machines on the theme of fruit. It will also be perfect when you are looking for vibrant tropical entertainment.