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Overview of the China Shores slot machine

    Chinese slot games are one of the most common, and Konami added another with China Shores. The game takes place in the heart of a Chinese jungle and it comes with a handful of useful special features, including a fairly new free lap. This game is available in Many online casinos USA And offers good gain potential if you are ready to run the rolls long, so let’s look more at this review of the machine at China Shores.

    How Play Now China Shores

    Regarding gameplay and design, there is not much to tell with The Video slot machine China Shores. The game has a very basic design, the rollers being placed in a sort of Chinese jungle, the rollers themselves are bright green and are supposed to look like leaves. The absence of soundtrack does not inspire much either, and the sound effects are very awkward.

    To start, players must choose the name and the number of credits they want to bet by line. The minimum cut is to 0,01 $ and the maximum value is 0,50 $. Players can bet up to five credits and a minimum of one on the 30 payment lines. This means that the maximum you can bet is generally 75 $, While the minimum is 0,30 $. If you want to run the slot machine Before playing for real money, then run the China Shores demo for free that we provided.

    # Register for a machine in China Shores

    Symbols and payments

    All the gains in the China Shores slot machine are paid in credits. The most remunerative symbol is certain Chinese letters, which pay 1,000 credits for five, 100 for four, 25 for three and 2 for 2. Then there is a golden turtle that pays 500 for five, then a vase and a lampshade pay. 250 for five each. The royal symbols then come with the ace and the paid king 150 for five. After that, the queen, the valet, the 10 and the 9 pay all the same thing – 100 for five, 20 for four and five for three. The Yin-Yang is the Scatter symbol and it pays 100 for five, while the Panda is the symbol Wild of the game.

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    Best bonus from China Shores

    The main characteristic bonus From China Shores is the turn of free towers. This is triggered when you drop out 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols. This will reward respectively 8, 10 or 15 laps. There are two things that help the function of free towers from China Shores to stand out. First, all the gains are doubled during the Tour, and secondly, there is the possibility of collecting them.

    This is true, the Balance of Fortune function allows you to ignore free towers and collect them for an unknown cash amount. When you have the possibility of doing so, you will see the minimum amount and maximum that you may be rewarded. Obviously, this will also depend on the number of free towers you have. It is also possible to collect your free laps at any time when you play as long as you have more than 20.