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Examination of the Big Chef slot machine

    Big Chef is a new addition for Microgaming And it is a fantastic new online slot machine that has just been launched in 2015. The Big Chef Sub -Subs Online casinos In May 2015. Inspiration for the construction of this video slot machine was taken from the largest kitchens in the world and it can prove to have amazing features, graphics with a fun and at the same time, it goes Also present symbols with a very delicious appearance.

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    Microgaming machine: Big chef

    You can hear piano music in the background of Big Chef, which is always a pleasure Play Now. The whole action seems to take place in American cuisine, which always makes the experience very pleasant.

    This is an ambitious slot machine game and there are many reasons why you should start playing it. There are 5 rolls and you can activate until 15 payment lines. However, what makes this unique and captivating game really are the available features. As soon as you start to run the rolls, you can trigger the multitude of available features. In this way, you can start to see all kinds of features such as: free towers, basic game, increasing Wilds, scatters and multipliers.

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    If you take a look at the available features, the one that should attract your attention is Rising Wilds. This is an innovative feature that can be triggered during free round games and free basic games. In this way, the savage you get there will be sent in an adventure and in this way, you can end up with a good increase in the price that is awarded.

    In order to trigger the function of free towers, you will have to have at least on your rolls 3 and up to 5 Scatter symbols. You can easily recognize the Scatter symbols because they are represented by the bell and this can allow you to get 10 free laps. These free towers will also be accompanied by a nice 2x multiplier.

    The name of the room begins from 0,01 $ and go up to 0,05 $. The game allows you to bet up to 150 pieces for each round and in this way, the bets with all the activated payment lines start from 0,15 $ And go to 7,50 $. The biggest jackpot you can remove from this video slot machine is up to 75 000 $. This places this game at the top of the list of slot machines where there is a significant gain available, since the jackpot is worth 10,000 times the amount of money you have bet. This price is awarded during the function of free towers. During the normal game, you will receive a maximum price that is worth 466 times your bet.

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    Our opinion

    Big Chef is undoubtedly a slot machine Very entertaining online where you will have the opportunity Play Now and live many memorable adventures.