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    Masterpieces are of all forms and sizes, especially in the field of Online casinos and slot machines. Released among a myriad of failed titles comes Bee Land, a game which takes place in a garden, but which presents certain characteristics which give it one step ahead of the competition.

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    A few words about the game

    This brand new game of Casino slot machines is greatly inspired by something with which we can interact every day, but to which we do not really pay attention. Instead of simply letting this opportunity pass, Bee Land uses his bug theme to show players something new, because he places the common garden bee in the foreground as a star of this game.

    Given the reputation of Top Game for the production of quality slottm titles that players love, a lot of media threshing surrounds any new version of the brand. That said, let’s discover if Bee Land is a casino slot machine that will give you goosebumps or shock you with an amazing game.

    # Inscription au Bee Land

    How Play Now Bee Land

    To the right and left of the rolls, you can find numbers associated with each of the payment lines. You can select the payment line by clicking on the number or adjust it using the tools at the bottom of the user interface.

    Regarding the interface, it is one of the best control systems of the moment, largely because it is designed for the sake of simplicity. Under the rolls, you will find everything you need Play Now the game. Bottom left is your balance, which will help you determine how you want to bet. You can adjust an automatic rotation function that will play while you just sit and absorb everything Bee Land has to offer. You can adjust the amount of the bet and the amount of the line using the symbols ” +” and ” -“. There is a screen at the bottom right that will show you the total bet and all the associated gains. All the buttons are thematic in its own right, because the leaves, the shells and many others are added to the whole of this wonderfully designed game.

    # Bee land appearance

    Free bonuses and towers

    There are a lot of bonus features here to make sure you have a good time playing Bee Land. You can earn free spins that can make you earn a lot of money without any monetary risk. This happens by obtaining three scatter symbols or more anywhere on the rolls. You get up to 12 free laps and if you get five scatters, you will also have a 10x multiplier added in addition to your earnings to make a good measure.

    There is also a bonus game to which you can play if you get three symbols of wild or more flowers. This mini-game allows you to harvest pollen, transform it into money and be paid by the queen of bees!

    Our conclusions on the Bee Land

    Bee Land is a magnificent video game video game with a lot of charm. Few games have life or charisma in the same way as Bee Land, for sure. In addition to all this, you have incredible bonuses that will only help you win big. If you are a fan of casino slot machines and want to try something refreshing, Bee Land is the perfect game for you.